Strategic Leaders Survey: Implementing Strategic Initiatives


This survey is a key part of a larger study that seeks to examine the obstacles that impede implementation of strategic initiatives in organizations. A strategic initiative is a plan of action which when implemented has the potential to significantly change the competitive position of an organization in the marketplace.

Some typical examples of strategic initiatives could include

* The launch of a new product line such as Netflix’s move into streaming video from its original position in DVDs

* Adopting an offshore back office approach to reduce operating cost

* Spinning off an existing business to give it more room to grow

* The launch of the Nissan Leaf as a means of establishing a beachhead position for the company in alternative fuel vehicles

These initiatives are distinctly different from tactical moves such as price reductions and discounts to boost sales, or incremental product line extensions to increase share.

In this survey, we seek your insights based on your own experience in leading or contributing to strategic initiatives. All responses will remain completely confidential and anonymous.

It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete this survey. You will also be able to see the weekly updates of collective statistics (numeric only to protect confidentiality) relating to all respondents who have completed the survey by navigating to

We thank you very much for your time and willingness to help us better understand what drives or impedes success in implementing strategic initiatives.

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